Luxury Yacht Entertainment for VIP Guests

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Luxury Yacht Entertainment for VIP Guests

Are you planning a yacht charter in Dubai and looking for the best luxury yacht entertainment?

At Maxoel Yachts, we have you covered. For nearly 20 years, we have been providing luxury yacht charters for VIP guests and have come to be recognised for our exemplary service in Dubai. Numerous high-profile clients have put their trust in our bespoke, efficient and luxury services, so you can guarantee to receive the same. 

We have become a leader in yachting services, specialising in luxury private yacht charters on the finest motor and sailing yachts in the world. So, when you book a luxury yacht charter as a VIP guest, you won’t be disappointed. 

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Luxury Yacht Entertainment

So, whether it’s a one day or multi day charter, what luxury yacht entertainment can you expect with Maxoel Yachts?


One of the best things to do while chartering a luxury mega yacht is to enjoy the watersports and equipment on offer! 

Most luxury mega yachts come with fantastic water equipment, allowing you to take full advantage of being anchored in the dazzling Persian Gulf. 

Whether you want to slide down a waterslide, create some chaos on a jet ski, kayak around a secluded island or marvel at the underwater world through a snorkel, luxury yacht entertainment for VIP guests doesn’t get much better than this. 

Spa & Jacuzzi 

After a busy day of exploring the waters around Dubai, one of the best things to do once aboard your luxury yacht is to relax. 

Some of the best ways to relax and unwind are to take advantage of the luxury yacht entertainment onboard, whether that be by getting a massage in the spa or warming up in a jacuzzi. 

Depending on the type of yacht you charter, you may have access to a one-room spa or two-storey wellness centre. Whatever the case, they are an ideal place to relax your aching muscles after a long day on the water. 

If you want to relax your muscles a different way, a jacuzzi is the best way to do it, especially while watching the sun go down after a wholesome day in Dubai. 

Cinema/Media Room 

The weather can change at any instant. One minute, the sun could be shining, and the next the heavens could open. 

So, what’s one of the best ways to keep busy on a luxury yacht while it’s raining? Head to the cinema! 


After a full day of exploration and delicious dinner under the stars, you and your friends or family can enjoy a games night, and whether it be board games or video games, your luxury yacht has it all!

All luxury yacht entertainment includes a host of games to get your creative juices flowing, enabling you and your guests to have a fun night onboard your luxury yacht.


The best luxury yacht entertainment of them all, hosting a party onboard with you and your friends or family. 

We pride ourselves on providing our VIP guests with the best experience possible on all of our luxury yachts, including when they want to have a party. 

With a state-of-the-art audio system and lights aboard your yacht, you can experience a party to remember as you sail along the stunning Persian Gulf. You and your friends can set up lights, decorations, and dance to your favorite music while drinking bespoke cocktails made for the event! 

Tell us about your party and we will make it happen. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or themed party, we will provide an unforgettable night on your luxury yacht charter. 

Best Yacht Charters for VIP Guests 

We welcome all VIP guests to experience our luxury mega yachts. Browse the range below to see which charter is best for you. 

2021 Year of Built
12 Guests
80 ft
6 Crew
/ hour
AED 12000
/ day
AED 120000
2008 Year of Built
20 Guests
136 ft
7 Crew
/ hour
AED 18000
/ day
AED 180000
2020 Year of Built
20 Guests
116 ft
7 Crew
/ hour
AED 15000
/ day
AED 180000
2011 Year of Built
30 Guests
131 ft
5 Crew
/ hour
AED 16000
/ day
AED 160000
2007 Year of Built
20 Guests
85 ft
3 Crew
/ hour
AED 4000
/ day
AED 40000
2018 Year of Built
30 Guests
125 ft
7 Crew
/ hour
AED 15000
/ day
AED 180000

Whether you are planning to host a party on the Persian Gulf with your closest friends or want to take your family on a luxury multi-day charter, we are more than happy to accommodate you at Maxoel Yachts. 

With a range of mega yachts boasting luxury yacht entertainment, you can guarantee to be blown away by our yachts’ amenities and facilities that will make your charter one to remember. 

Plan your itinerary, choose your yacht and start your luxurious adventure with one of the most recognised yacht charter companies in Dubai. We look forward to having you onboard. 

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